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At Fusion Cabinets we respect the passion that you put into your projects. We are equally inspired to help you and be your expert in cabinet design. Bottom line: we are here to make Your life easier.


With 30 years combined experience, we are team players in the world of renovation and understand we all have the same goal - to bring our clients' dream to fruition.


You and your clients are always welcome to visit our Design Studio by appointment, to discuss your upcoming projects. Our designers will generate a 3D rendering for your client to help them visualize their project. With our insight in design, we are well versed in educating them in the latest trends and options. We strive to make the renovation process fun and exciting.

Proud member of National Association of Remodeling Industry and the American Society of Interior Designers. Please call us to discuss our Builder and Designer Team program.


Please call ahead to schedule a consultation so we can offer you the undivided attention you and your client desire.

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